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Workin' On My Rewrite. . .

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In 2011, Paul Simon produced an album called "So Beautiful or So What". And one of the catchy songs on the album is a song called "Rewrite". If you've not heard the song, take a couple of minutes and follow this link to a YouTube recording of it.

Not every day is a good day lived well, if fact some days are at best maybe "ok" and , many times we'd rather take a giant eraser to the day and start all over if we could.

So, the character in the song mentions some of the things in his life that he'd like to be different. He wants to somehow change the outcome of his history. He longs to rewrite those things out of the story of his life and instead put in a car chase and a race across a roof top. A story where he is the hero, and where he saves his children and holds them in his arms. Wouldn't it be great to have a rewrite on some days.

Two of my favorite heroes who worked at rewriting their life are the two men that you see in this picture. This is Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick and Rick Hoyt have both finished the race of life now, Dick the father in 2021 and his son Rick, this last month in May of 2023.

Team Hoyt was a father and son duo who ran marathons and triathlons for many years. Rick was born with severe cerebral palsy that left him without the ability to speak or walk. Experts told Dick and his wife when Rick was born to institutionalize him and to go and just forget about him and to realize that he was just too far gone to really have much of a life. But Dick and his wife did not listen to that advice. It was a long and very hard journey for them, but they worked tirelessly to help Rick as he grew.

Then one day, Dick was asked by his son through a computer that spoke for him if they could run in a local 5k race for a fundraiser for one of his classmates who needed a wheelchair, this was in 1977. Dick was 36 years old, and Rick was 16. Dick was not a runner at that time, but he pushed his son in a wheelchair that was not made for running in the race that weekend. Rick told his dad later, he never felt more alive than when they were running in the race and that his disability seemed to disappear. That was all it took for dad. They ran together for 37 years.

When I saw Team Hoyt I was about 36-years-old. They were on "ABC's Wide World of Sports" one Saturday afternoon. I was captivated by what I saw. How the love of a devoted father to his son transformed both of their lives. They were competing at the famous Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii and Team Hoyt finished dead last, but they finished! Every one of the competitors of that race and the crowd cheered them on as they cross the finish line at 2AM after being on the course all day and all night. Team Hoyt touched my heart that day, because I was in the midst of working on a rewrite of my own life at the time.

The writer of the book of Hebrews in the New Testament talks about the importance of faith in our lives. As he works through the Old Testament characters in chapter 11, he talks about the faith they exercised as they "ran the race" that has been set before them. Moving into the first few verses of chapter 12 he states, that as we too must run in faith as we lock our eyes on Jesus, who is the author and perfecter of our faith. (v.2)

Jesus is the author of running the race of faith. The metaphore "author" means that Jesus is the one who creates the plot, sets the action of the book in motion, and in our case, rewrites our story when it gets off track. He is the one who is capable of taking the areas of life that need a rewrite and turning that story into an incredible story of how you made it across the finish line.

But He too is the perfector of our faith. You see we are a lot like Rick, we can't run, heck we can't even really walk. And there is no way that we can run in a race without some help. But our loving Savior steps up behind our wheelchair and pushes us through the course. He does for us what we can never do for ourselves. He helps us to finish the race as He rewrites our story.

In Simon's Rewrite song, I love the chorus where he sings. . .

"And I said, Help Me!

Help Me!

Help Me!

Help Me! Thank you!

I had no idea that you were there.

And I said, Help Me!

Help Me!

Help Me!

Help Me! Oooh Thank You,

For listening to my prayer".

Thank God for His rewrites! That makes even a bad day, a good day lived well!

Take Care,

Chaplain Tom

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